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NIAGARA SOLAR SUBMERSIBLE PUMPING SYSTEM is specially designed, with the use of latest manufacturing techniques. Years of experience, superior design and better manufacturing techniques have resulted into development of this range of Solar Submersible Pumping System, which are efficient and reliable in operation. Pumping water uses a significant amount of power. The sun provides us with an almost infinite energy source that, with the right planning and equipment means we can pump water anywhere without the needs for power infrastructure. The system is designed specifically to use the power of the sun to move water, so replacing the need for grid power or diesel.
We offer hybrid solar pumps which use on solar energy in the day and electricity in the night. Our solar water pumps are stand alone systems operating on power generated using highly efficient Photo- Voltaic (PV) system.

Equipped With:

  • Solar stainless steel submersible bore well pump.
  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels with mounting structure.
  • Automatic controller for the solar submersible pump.
  • Cables and accessories.


  • Agriculture Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation
  • complexes
  • Water supply for small villages.

Standard Specifications:

  • Range: – 2.2 Kw to 15 kW (3HP to 20 HP).
  • Version :- A.C. 50 Hz
  • Speed :- 2900 RPM
  • Maximum Liquid Temperature :- 50 C
  • Allowable voltage variation:- +6%/-10%

Features & Benefits:

  • MPPT Charge controller is microprocessor-based system for increasing charge current.
  • High efficiency Solar Photovoltaic Panels with a service life of Minimum 20 Years.
  • Robust design Galvanized Steel Mounting Structure for long life.
  • Configurable A/C Solar input.
  • Compatible with commercial power or generator.
  • Hybrid Solar Pump Day time run on Solar and night run on electricity.
  • Environmentally friendly and noise pollution free.
  • Easy to installation & maintenance free.

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