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UPVC Column Pipe

NIAGARA pipes for water delivery and distribution guard the most essential element of this planet. They are serving very efficiently to enhance the utility of water.

Their High endurance, light in weight but heavy in workload, construction is protected from corrosion and UV light, too.  Experience highly reliable materials with easy installation with minimum cost.

NIAGARA Pipe’s locking system is specially designed with a unique (Polyimide Locking System™) solution which has tremendous tensile strength, high-temperature resistance, and Reliability. So that pipes are capable to handle highhydrostatic pressure as well as vertical tensile load.

NIAGARA Pipes are developed with a specialized formulation that ensures that the threads do not get too brittle, don’t break easily, and have less chip formation, even after they are readily loosened and tightened multiple times. High-quality raw materials are processed through our fully automated Extruder Machine to make highly resilient pipes that live up to our high testing.

To ensure a 100% leak proof joint, we have included a specially engineered Rubber Ring that prevents any liquid spillage and air loss. NIAGARA Pipe’s threads are threaded in such a way that it ensures proper grip and no slipping. Threads can withstand high friction on constant load and torque which are usually generated while operating the pump. They are processed on world-class 32 Axis PMC controlled CNC machines with best-in-class tools to ensure precise dimensions, good and easy fitment. All threads are checked thoroughly with fitment gauges to ensure accuracy.

The Aqua Agri pipes come from the family of cost-effective products of NIAGARA Pipes. These pipes are non-conductive and UV-stabilized that come in several ranges.

Get smooth flow with convenient fitting options for uninterrupted operations with our wide range of products. Aqua Agri pipes offer a lightweight and easy-to-install experience.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly reliable
  • Cost-effective
  • Light in weight
  • 15 to 25% extra water
  • No electrolytic deposition
  • No corrosion & UV protected

Pipes uses

Water Supply


Sprinkler Lines


Industrial Process Lines


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